Cyrus Ashrafi

days of delay - the ambient side of Cyrus Ashrafi

Cyrus Ashrafi lives in Hamburg, Germany.

His musical journey started with a green melodica at the age of 11. Because it was too hard to play long and complex chords just with the air of the lungs a small Bontempi-organ followed soon and became his best friend when returning from school. This organ was not just an instrument for improvising and understanding music but also a flightmachine for finding and exploring an individual universe of tones and sounds and the hidden beauty within intuitive combinations.

As a selftaught musician Cyrus also played guitar and was a bass player in several bands before he initiated his solo project by singing & writing songs.

Acoustic guitar, piano, old synthesizers and instruments like the santoor, theremin or the omnichord help to illustrate his emotional atmospheres.

Among lyrical songs and pop Cyrus` tightrope walk between handmade acoustics & organic electronics continues at days of delay his instrumental side with subtle ambientscapes, hypnotic looptextures and classical piano pieces.

All projects allocate his longing for consonance and remind of the uniqueness and fragility of all beings.